Friday, June 5, 2009

Backup commands

File Archives

# tar –cvf bkp.tar file1 file2 - Will archive file1 & file2
# tar –tvf bkp.tar - Shows the table of content
# tar –xvf bkp.tar - It extracts file from the tar archive

# jar –cvf bkp.tar
# jar –tvf bkp.jar
# jar –xvf bkp.jar

# compress bkp.tar - To compress tar archive
# ls
# uncompress bkp.tar.z - To uncompress tar archive
# gzip bkp.tar - To create gzip file
# gunzip bkp.tar.gz - To extract the tar archive by gunzip

# zip bkp.tar - To create zip archive
# unzip - To extract the zip archive

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