Thursday, July 23, 2009

Solaris Zones Installation Video

Solaris Questions and Answers

Solaris Zones Installation Video

Rules to Download :-

1)Always Donate the user who created this site.
2)The Video is in Swf format so download and click it and open it with IE.
3)All files are shared on a Third Party website so register with them for free to download the files.
4)Distribute this site to other so that every one gain free knowledge.
5)Leave a comment of the site which encourge me to devop more.

Download - Solaris Zones Installation Video

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Anonymous said...

Great Job dude will donate once i get a job have couple of interviews this week.Hope this site work for me..

Thanks in Advance

Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff and much more information has A to Z info great job


roopsy said...


I have already donated you i got a job and i was able to answer 99% answers asked in the interview thanks a lot for the creator.

Sorry the donation took a little while as i was not having paypal account with me.


Vivaan said...

I am planning to sell this blog any commnets are appricaited

Naveen Kumar said...

Not even single donor from past 1 month very sad of you people wh are learning unix

Anonymous said...

WOW really Amazing stuff!!!!

Good work, much appreciated !!!!

Will contribute shortly.

Thanks a lot for this hardwork on behalf of Linix/Solaris Users.


ram said...

I will donate to this site as soon as i got the job. Because we are insearch of netbackup admin L1 job. If i found one i definitely donate atleast 10$ or max 50$. thank you

keep this blog updated. I will also buy you a domain name.

ram said...

plzzzzzzz don't sell this blog.How many yrs you are running this blog. I think maximum US and other country people will donate to this site than Indians. I will donate some money.

Vivaan said...

thx ram for beautiful comments i am not selling it as making some pens with the advertising on the site will keep it update as soon as possible

thx for motivations

sandy said...

this is great stuff ,i need video for installing clusters in solaris plaese.if you do it will be useful for me

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