Monday, July 13, 2009

Describing Interface Configuration

Describing Interface Configuration

To know MAC Address of NIC Card

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# ifconfig –a
8:0:20:93:c9…. -- Sun manufacturing NIC card
Hme0 qfe0 eri0 leo0 Sun NIC card types

# ifconfig hme0 down -- To down the NIC
# ifconfig hme0 up -- To up the NIC

# ping –s -- Continuous pinging

# snoop -- To display incoming & outgoing packets. Press Ctrl+c to stop the snoop utility
# snoop IP1 IP2 -- To capture communication between two systems
# snoop –a dhcp -- To turn on audible clicks for all network traffic related to a dhcp boot
# snoop –V -- Summary verbose output
# snoop –v -- Detailed verbose output
# snoop –o filename -- Redirects the snoop utility output to filename in summary mode
# snoop –i filename -- Displays packets that were previously captured in filename

/etc/hosts -- Link file to /etc/inet/hosts
/etc/inet/hosts -- Should contain IP & hostname
32 virtual interdace is possible
Hme0:1 hmeo:2 ….. hme0:32

Configuring IPv4 Interfaces at Boot Time

/etc/rcS.d/ - file

# cat /etc/hostname.hme0
Sys41 (or)

# cat /etc/inet/hosts sys41

plumb -- To sync the IP and the config files

Changing the System Hostname

/etc/nodename -- File to change hostname

The /etc/net/tic* directories contains a host file. These files contain config info for transport independent network services. If these files become corrupted, unpredictable results can occur.

# sys-unconfig -- For total reconfiguration

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