Monday, June 15, 2009

Boot PROM Commands Solaris Interview Questions and Answers

Executing Boot PROM Commands

# /usr/platform/’uname –m’/sbin/prtdiag –v -- To know the OpenBoot version

Stop+D -- Press this keys when system power is turned ON to switch to diagnostic mode
This key sequence is not available on a serial port terminal
Stop+N -- Press while the system is turned ON to set the NVRAM parameters to default
Stop+A -- To get into boot PROM

-- /etc/default/kbd - Remove the comment for the line KEYBOARD_ABORT=disable to
turn off Stop+A function inside OS. Then issue the command kbd –I

ok go -- To comeout of PROM prompt

ok banner -- Shows system configuration

ok printenv -- Shows all variables

ok reset-all -- Will save the changes and clear the buffer & reboot the system

ok .registers -- Displays the contents of the registers

ok show-devs -- Shows all device with physical path
ok devalias -- Shows currently available devices

-- In sparc if we change values. There is no option to come out without saving.

ok probe-ide -- Shows ide details and device connected
ok probe-scsi -- Shows scsi details and device connected
ok probe-scsi-all -- Identifies devices on all all SCSI buses
ok probe-fcal-all -- Identifies devices on all fibre channel loops

ok nvalias /pci@if,......................
ok nvunalias -- To delete alias name

ok show-disks -- Desplays and allows a selection of device paths
ok show-ttys
ok show-displays
ok show-nets
ok show-tapes

ok help -- Shows list of help
ok help floppy eject
ok test -- Runs self-test on specified systems

ok sync -- Manually attempts to flush memory and synchronize FS

ok boot -- Boot the system
ok boot –r -- Detect new devices (Reconfiguration boot)
ok boot –s -- Single user mode
ok boot –v -- Verbose mode – boot the system and shows the background details
ok boot –a -- Interactive mode. Prompt user for user input for all the process at boot time
ok boot –rv (or) –sv

ok printenv auto-boot?
ok printenv boot-device -- To know the variable details
ok setenv auto-boot? True -- To change value to true for “auto-boot?” variable
ok printenv diag-switch?
ok setenv diag-switch? True

ok set-defaults -- Reset all settings to factory default
ok setenv boot-device disk cdrom net
ok set-default boot-device -- Will reset the default value of boot-device variable

ok power-off -- Will switch off the system immediately

Inside OS

# eeprom -- Equivalent to printenv
# eeprom auto-boot
# eeprom auto-boot?=false
# eeprom diag-switch?=true


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