Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Deploying MYSQL on solaris E-book

Solaris Questions and Answers

Deploying MYSQL on solaris E-book

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2)The Video is in Swf format so download and click it and open it with IE.
3)All files are shared on a Third Party website so register with them for free to download the files.
4)Distribute this site to other so that every one gain free knowledge.
5)Leave a comment of the site which encourge me to devop more.

Download - Deploying MYSQL on solaris E-book

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Vivaan said...

NO donations no contributions from any one very sad it took 3 - years for me to make , please donate or else contribute

Site Owner

dilip kumar said...

Dude Done 100$ donation enjoy got a job in muskat so god bless you

Vivaan said...

Leave you E-mail address in comments so that i can mail you when new stuff or videos are added


Anonymous said...

Dude i cant contribue but i will surely visit you sponser advertiser hope they pay you some bucks


Kshatriya Naveen Kumar said...

Site is not earning earning any things lot of visitors but no income so planning to close it or sell it comments are appriciated.

Vivaan site Owner

Vivaan said...

daily 500 visitor and no income i am lossing the pride now

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