Friday, June 19, 2009

Configuring Printer and commands Solaris interview questions and Answers

Configuring Printer Services

/etc/lp -- Directory contains a hierarchy of LP server configuration directories and files
/var/spool/lp -- Directory contains a list of current requests that are in the print queue.
/var/lp.logs -- On going history of print requests
/var/lp/logs/requests -- Completed print request job
$HOME/.printers file to set default printer (_default printername)
/etc/printers.conf -- Contains entry for printers

# lpadmin –p printerB –c -- Creating and adding printer class
# lpadmin –p printerD –c bldg2 -- Adding printerD to bldg2 class
# accept -- To queuing print request
# lpstat –t -- To check the status of the new printer class
# lp –d myfile -- To print myfile to printer class

# lpadmin –d printername (or) printer_classname -- To set it as default
# lpstat –d -- To check the system’s default printer
# lpadmin –d bldg2 -- To change the default printer
# lpadmin –x printername -- To remove a client’s printer configuration

# /usr/sadm/admin/bin/printmgr & -- Print Manager

Removing a Server’s Printer Configuration

# reject printerD -- Stop queuing print requests
# disable printerD -- Stop the printer
# lpadmin –x printerD -- Delete the printer config from the /etc/lp/printers and

# /usr/lib/lpsched -- Print services started
# /etc/init.d/lp start -- Starting by script
# /usr/lib/lpshut -- Stop print services
# /etc/init.d/lp stop -- Stopping by script

Using Print Commands

# /usr/bin/lp filename -- Print to default printer
# /usr/bin/lp –d printername filename
# /usr/ucb/lpr filename
# /usr/ucb/lpr –p printername filename

LP Print Service Administration Command

# /usr/sbin/accept printerD -- Permits print requests to be queued
# /usr/sbin/reject –r “Replacing cartridge” printerD -- Stop queuing print requests
# /usr/bin/enable printerD -- Activates the specified printers
# /usr/bin/disable -- Deactivates the specified printers
# lpmove printerC printerA -- Moves print requests from one printerC to printerA
# lpstat –o -- Viewing print queue
# lpstat –a printerA -- To check whether it accepting print jobs
# lpmove printerC –32 printerC –33 printerA -- Moving individual print requests

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