Monday, June 15, 2009

Managing Software Patches

Solaris Interview Questions and Answers

Managing Software Patches

Solaris9/PatchReport A summary of all patches for the solaris 9 OE release
9_Recommended.README Instruction for how to intall the recommended patch.

# showrev –p (or) # patchadd –p -- Will show installed patches

-- /var/sadm/patch - Info about all patches that are currently installed.

Patch Name 6 digit number-revision number (117753-01)

# /usr/bin/zcat 105050-01.tar.z | tar xvf -

# cd /var/tmp
# patchadd 105050-01 -- Will add patch

-- When you remove a patch, the patchrm command restores all files that were modified or replaced by that patch, unless
-- The patch was installed with the patchadd –d option (Which instructs the patchadd command not to save copies of files being updated or replaced)
-- The patch is required by the another patch
-- The patch has been obsoleted by a later patch

# patchrm 105050-01 -- Will remove patch

Installing Patch Cluster
# cd 9_Recommended
# ./install_cluster

-- /var/sadm/install_data/Solaris_9_Recommended_log

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