Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Solaris OE Directory Hirerarchy

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Introducing the Solaris OE Directory Hirerarchy

/bin Symbolic link to /usr/bin contains binary files of standard system commands
/kernel Platform independent lodable kernel modules
/platform Platform dependable lodable kernel modules
/sbin Single user bin directory contains essential executables
/usr Contains programs, scripts and libraries that are used by all system users

UNIX System Resources

/var Directory of varying files, includes temporary, logging, or status files

/dev/cua Dial out device files for UUCP & PPP

/dev/dsk Block disk devices /dev/rdsk Raw disk devices

/dev/pts Psuedo terminal devices /dev/md Metadisk devices

/dev/term Serial devices /dev/sound Audio device files

/dev/rmt Raw magnetic tape devices

/etc/cron.d Config info for cron utility /etc/default Default info for various prog.

/etc/inet Config files - network services /etc/init.d Scripts to stop & start services

/etc/lp Config info for printer /etc/nfs Config info for NFS server logging

/etc/rc#.d Scripts for various run levels /etc/skel Default shell initialization files

/usr/bin Standard system command /usr/sbin System administration commands

/usr/kernel Platform independent lodable kernel module

devfsadm – Solaris 8 & 9

drvconfig – Solaris 2.x through 2.7

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