Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Flash configuration and Administration


# flarcreate –n flash_archive –R / -C –x /flash /flash/flash_archive

flash_archive -- Any name can be given
-R -- To mention root path
-C -- To compress the archive file
-x -- To exclude folders while creating archive image
-t -- Create an archive on a tape device

Administering a Flash Archive

flare –i archive -- Retrievs info about the archive
flare –c archive -- Combines the individual sections that make up an existing archive into a
new archive
flare –s archive -- Splits an archive into one file for each sections of the archive

/etc/ethers -- Mac address and hostname
/etc/hosts -- IP Address and hostname

# cd /export/config
# vi rules -- Same as Jumpstart content
# vi host_class -- Same as Jumpstart content except few options
install_type flashinstall
archive_location nfs

# vi finish_script -- Same as Jumpstart content
# vi sysidcfg -- Same as Jumpstart content
# ./check -- To check the config
# cd /export/home/sol_dump/solaris_9/Tools
# ./add_install_client –c –p ultra5(hostname) sun4u

NFS Shares -- /flash folder
/export/config folder

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