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Performing User Administration Solaris Interview Questions and Answers

Performing User Administration

/etc/passwd -- 7 fields loginID:x:UID:GID:comment:home_dir:login_shell

0 - 99 UID -- Reserved system user accounts
100 – 60000 -- UID for users range
0 -- Root
60001 -- Reserved for the nobody account
60002 -- Reserved for noaccess account -- To generate error message
65534 -- nobody4 The anoynomous user account

/etc/shadow -- 9 fields loginID:password:lastchg:min:max:warn:inactive:expire:reserved
/etc/group -- groupname:group-pwd:GID:user-list

/etc/default/passwd -- Set values for the following parameters MAXWEEKS MINWEEKS
PASSLENGTH (valid entries are 6,7 & 8) WARNWEEKS

1970 –-> V4
1986 -- Sun released first OS (sunos1.0)

# useradd –u –g –G GID,GID,.. d /export/home/user300 –m –s /bin/ksh –c “Regular User” user300
# passwd user300
# useradd –d /export/home/user305 –m user305
# useradd user306

# usermod [-u uid [-o]] [-g gid] [-G gid] [-d dir] [-m] [-s shell] [-c comment] [-l newloginname] loginname
# usermod –l –d /export/home/ –m
# usermod –u user301 -- Change uid to 905
# usermod –s /bin/csh user301

# userdel user301 -- Delete the user account not the home dir
# userdel –r user301 -- Delete user id & home dir

# groupadd [-g gid [-o]] groupname
# groupadd –g
# groupmod [-g gid [-o]] [-n name] groupname
# groupmod –n
# groupmod –g 400 class -- Change GID to 400 for the group class

# groupdel group1

/etc/profile -- The Bourne, Korn and BASH shells execute this initialization file
/etc/.login -- The C shell looks for and executes this initialization file during logon.
There are no default global initialization files for the Z or TC shells

Bourne /etc/profile $HOME/.profile /bin/sh /etc/skel/local.profile
Korn /etc/profile $HOME/.profile /bin/ksh /etc/skel/local.profile
C /etc/.login $HOME/.cshrc /bin/csh /etc/skel/local.cshrc
$HOME/.login /etc/skell/local.login

Setting Environment Variables

Bourne or Korn shell VARIABLE=value; export VARIABLE
For example: PS1=”$HOSTNAME”; export PS1

C setenv variable value
For example: setenv LPDEST laserprinter

# id user301 -- Shows UID of the user & primary group
# id –a user301 -- Shows secondary group details also

# groups user300 -- Shows the users groups

# chown –R :grpname

# pwconv -- To sync passwd and shadow files.

/etc/skel -- Template files get copied once user id is created.

-- By default /etc/skel/.profile file don’t have any content.

Profile Order

/etc/motd file -- Message of the day

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