Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Performing Boot and Shutdown Procedures

Solaris Interview Questions and Answers

Performing Boot and Shutdown Procedures

Run Levels

0 -- ok mode
s or S Solaris OE single user mode with critical FS mounted
1 -- Single user administrative state with access to all FS available
2 -- Multiuser can access the System . All sys daemons are running except NFS
3 -- Multiuser operations with NFS & N/W resource available
4 -- Reserved
5 -- Poweroff
6 -- Reboot

# who –r -- Shows current run level..

Boot Sequence

1. Boot PROM phase
2. Boot program phase
3. Kernel initialization phase
4. init phase

/etc/inittab -- id(S3) rstat(3) action(wait) Contains details about init levels

/etc/vfstab /etc/inittab /etc/system -- Important Files

/etc/system -- moddir root device and root FS config exclude forceload set

-- Always make a copy of /etc/system file before you edit the same. In case of problem , issue the interactive boot command : boot –a. When prompting for system file. Enter the path of backup file for /dev/null for a null configuration file.

/etc/init.d -- Directory contains many process or services like volume management

/sbin -- Each run level has an associated rc scripts located in this directory (eg /sbin/rc0)
The RC scripts rc0, rc5 & rc6 are hard linked to each other. Run control scripts are located in /etc/init.d directory and these files are hard-linked to corresponding run control sctipts in the .etc.rc#.d directories.

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