Monday, September 15, 2008

solaris interview questions and answers

Q) what are raid0,raid1 and raid5

A) Raid 0 is concatenation or stripping
Concatenation means writing data in disk one after another
Stripping means writing data of 32kbs interlease value in to disk

Raid 1 – mirroring that means writing data on two disk parallely or duplicatiung the data on two disk.

Raid 5 – stipping with parity the data of 2 disk is duplicated in the third disk with parity information

1 comment:

banavasi it kannadigaru said...

Hi Naveen,

The interview questions very good, I want do some course on veritas volume management do you know who any one who teach as per the real work environment.

Can you give some inter questions on performance tuning.


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