Sunday, November 9, 2008

User Administration solaris interview

Q)how to create a user

A)Useradd –u uid –g gid –d /export/home/naveen –m –s /bin/sh naveen

Q)whats are the files which maintain user informations


Q)fields in /etc/passwd

Q)fields in /etc/group

Q)fields in /etc/shadow
A)username:encrypted passwd-min-max-lastchange-inactive-warn-expire

Q)how to create a quotas
A)Cd /export/home
Touch quotas
Chmod u+rw quotas
Edquota naveen
Soft=5000 hard=6000 inodes=5000 inode=5500
Quotaon –v /export/home
Repqupota –v /export/home or quota –v naveen to see quota


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